Frida aka Fred

How much and what to feed my (45lb/3 years old) dog? people tell me she is overweight - i just think she is still a pup.

She is 3 years old and a mixed breed, so i dont know about her specific breed - she has some loose skin. i live in Europe (Amsterdam) and i am not used to grams vs cups yet. i have been feeding her beneful and just switched her (this week) to royal canine medium dogs light. i walk her for 45 a day and sometimes she runs a long side me on my bike at least 2x a week . not sure what or how much to feed her. any suggestions would be helpful. should i switch to raw food or make her own food?

Asked by Frida aka Fred on Nov 25th 2008 Tagged foodoverweightmedium in Pet Food
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Here is a page that will help you know if your dog is overweight:

You should weigh the dog and then feed according to the guidelines on the bag - if she is overweight, feed a little less than what it says. If she seems really hungry, you can add green beans to the food to make it more filling without adding a lot of calories.

Here is a way to approximate measurements using everyday objects (this uses human foods, but would work for dog food too):

One cup of food is about the size of a tennis ball, if that helps. I use a cleaned 4 oz. yougurt container to measure my dog's food. (4 oz. of yogurt is approximately 1/2 cup.)

Dogster has several forums (just click the link at the top of the page) dedicated to nutrition, including a general one, one for homecooked foods, and one for raw diets that are very informative and helpful.

Zack answered on 11/25/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Well, she looks to be a medium sized dog, as my dog Mandy is. And Mandy weighs 50 pounds. She is not overweight. I dont know who told you she was, but I dont think she is. She doesn't look very big at all. My pup Ace is 7 months old, and 60 pounds, but that is his breed of course. Mandy is a mixed breed that looks a bit like your dog, without the floppy ears. Another thing you have to look at, is has she been spayed? Because if she has been spayed, she is going to gain weight. There is little you can do about that anyways. My Uncle's dog was very overweight after being neutered, and they had him on a diet, and he never lost a pound. Sounds to me like you exercise her enough, and she is active, so I think she is okay. I would keep her on the beneful, and just keep exercising with her. Good luck.

Mandy answered on 11/25/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer