how many puppies can a Miniature Pinscher have

Asked by Member 633809 on May 16th 2008 in Breeds
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I've heard of dogs having as many as 16, but that much is rare. The norm is 2-3, I believe.
If you are asking this because you want to breed your dog, please think twice. No, more than twice. Breeding is nothing easy and something that should be left to professionals. Who are the professionals? People who breed to improve the health of the breed, health tests every single one of their breeding dogs before breeding them, studied for several years before even starting breeding their dogs, and have or have had a trusted and experience mentor. There is much more involved in breeding dogs than you think. Our page has more info.
P.S. Your dog has to be in line with it's breed standard, have passed all health tests (OFA, CERF, and tests for common diseases and disorders common in the breed), have earned at least one title in conformation or another AKC (or UKC or CanKC)event, and have a good temperament.

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I have never heard of a Miniature Pinscher having 16 pups. I used to breed min pins the biggest litter mine ever had was 5 her first litter she had 2,and my other female her first litter was 5. As stated many times over that breeding is not a easy thing to do and it is not for everyone. If done correct it is not a money making bizz. It takes tons of time and research love and caring. But best of luck to you.

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I agree with the other 2 posters on spay/neutering your dog. But, for informative purposes, probably no more than 5 in most instances. Lennox came from a litter of 3. The smaller the dog, the smaller the litter. Large breeds of dogs have larger litters of puppies (generally speaking) and smaller breeds have smaller litters. I think the average size of a min pin litter is 4, give or take one or two, but it's also common for a small dog to have just one puppy, or for the puppies to die, and for smaller dogs to require c-sections. Plus, c-sections are risky and it's possible for the mom to die as well as all the pups.

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Ginger Smiles Primm

Do not breed minpins for $. It cost more to dock the tails and remove dew claws than you will make in the long run. Small dogs have small itters.

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