How many months is a female dog pregnant?

My dog got pregnant in Sept., when can I expect her to give birth?

Asked by Member 919333 on Nov 18th 2009 in Puppies
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dog gestation takes 63 days +/- a couple. And that is accurate.Your dog should be whelping any time now.Hope you're ready there is a LOT to do. I ALWAYS helped deliver the pups and my girls were always very grateful.Find a site that explains whelping and be prepared toHELPdon't leave your dog alone,things could go wrong.Make sure she has a whelping box too.Read and prepare there really is a lot to it.Also arrange with your vet for the mom to visit WITH the pups within 3-4 days of the whelping,keep those pups warm in a small crate with plenty of nice warm towelswhen you go.All need to see the vet within a few days of whelping. Also,if your breed needs cropping or docking PLEASE do NOT attempt any of those procedures.You need a warm cloth lined box,big enough for the mom to get up and turn around in comfortably.good strong button hole thread to tie umbelical cords,surgical type scissors,lots of CLEAN rags,a few nice terry towels.NEVER pull a pup or afterbirth out,call the vet if in doubt

answered on Nov 18th.

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yes, 63 days or so
Your dog would of already had them depending on the day of month in September. It is best for the dog to take her to the vet.
If you are just guessing the time and waiting your dog could also be having a problem.
It is best to check with your vet and get their opinion as to when she is due and how to care for her and the pups. They can also do some testing and know approx how many pups she is having.
That's what I would do.
There are books out there to read and the vet can give you some direction as well.

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