How long should I wait to give Trifexis?

I gave my beagle(Merlyn) Sentinel two and a half weeks before,but he was still covered in fleas after that time period. I recently bought him Trifexis,but the Vet(who seemed more like a clerk at the clinic) said wait a month. I'm still skeptical. How much longer do I have to wait? Will I kill him if I give him the Trifexis now?

Asked by Member 1176239 on Jun 20th 2013 Tagged trifexis, sentinel, fleas, heartwormprevention in Flea & Tick Prevention
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Pineapple Smushface

Some brands work better than others, and some pests may have developed resistance to certain anti-flea medicines in your area. The vet's office has a point- it is NOT in your best interest to overpesticide your dog. So bathe him a natural flea and tick bath without chemicals, flea comb all of his fur, and then wait another week and a half. There is no guarantee that the Trifexis will work 100% for your pet immediately either. Also treat your home and premises with flea bombs or powder according to the directions (if you have carpeting where they can live) and the yard. That pill also has anti-worm in it, so you can't give it more than once a month for the health of your dog. ^_^

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