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How long for a full recovery after neutering?

He's 2 1/2 years old and just got fixed yesterday. I obviously expect some down time till he starts feeling better, but was wondering how long it would be before he's back to normal "fetching" state. That is his favorite activity and I don't want to play before he's ready even though he'll want to. Any suggestions? We're also going on vacation in two weeks and was wondering if he'll be ready to go by then.
Oh, and what about lounging around outside? Is that safe to do or can he only go out to do business? Apparently I didn't get to talk to the vet office enough yesterday.

Asked by Captain Jack on May 7th 2008 Tagged neutering, recoverytime in Spaying & Neutering
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Fortunately, and unfortunately, dogs recover from surgery much faster than we do. Most dogs are feeling better within a day or two. That's the fortunate part. The not too great part is trying to keep them quiet while they heal.

I wouldn't suggest any outside walks, other than supervised backyard trips until he's got his stitches out. Ditto for fetch and running. Even if the stitches and skin look like they are fully closed, keep in mind that the skin there is healing underneath and any strain can cause complications. It can be hard to keep them occupied during this time, so new toys, Kongs with Peanut butter or their wet food stuffed inside help occupy a bored puppy mind.

After three days or so, I'd say he can go outside in the backyard for extended periods of time, but I'd not let him run and I'd not allow him to be unsupervised, just in case.

Two weeks should be enough time for his stitches to come out and to be ready for a trip.

Jack answered on May 7th.

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We were told to limit Zack activities for 7 days.

They honestly told us to have him a use a puppy pad for about the first 2 days and then he could resume normal potty activity but we live in a second floor apartment so they wanted us to carry him up and down the stairs. He could do stairs again at the end of the week. As far as play he could play mild games but they wanted up to keep him isolated from other dogs till his stitches were gone. And then no rough play until the incision was completely healed. As far as fetch that tends to require a lot of jumping I wouldn't try that until after his incision has completely healed NO STITCHES LEFT, NO SCAB LEFT. I will tell you he will be acting normal in the next day or so like nothing ever happened but you have to make him rest. Zack spent a little bit of time in his crate during this, when he would start playing too rough.

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The vet told us about a week, but Barker was fine in 3 days. How about that tallied to the miracle of science?

Barker "Bob" answered on 5/7/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer