how long does a chihuahua carry before giving birth

my dog got pregnant in august, when will she give birth?

Asked by Member 521199 on Oct 25th 2007 in Pregnancy
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In most dogs, the gestation period averages about 60 days. Dogs can give birth as early as 56 days into their pregnancy or as late as 68 days into it.

You may also want to discuss this with your vet. If your dog is pregnant, she needs vet care prior to giving birth and definitely after. Her nutritional needs will change through pregnancy and when she is lactating. Some complications also require a vet's input and intervention. Chihuahuas sometimes need to give birth by C-section because their heads are so large.

Those are all things you need to consider. You should really do a lot more research before these puppies are born so that you can ensure the birth will go well and you can raise them properly. The website Learn to Breed - - has tons of very good information.

Abby answered on Oct 25th.

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sir spike

Most people here will give you a hard time because you didnt fix your pet I on the other hand won't because I want to have puppies too this is a good web site for all your questions good luck

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