How long did it take you to potty train your Beagle? What worked in training him, what didn't?

Scooter's doing pretty well at 8 months, but isn't fully potty trained. He's an exceptionally smart dog and can learn any trick in a single day and remember it; however, potty training is his setback. It's as if he knows what's right and wrong, but deliberately pees somewhere nonetheless. And when he does, it's without reason; there's no reason for him to be upset and he had been let out.

I'm aware that Beagles are notorious for being difficult to potty train, but this seems a bit long. I've religiously done crate training and have tried the bell system, but he's very stubborn so both have failed.


Asked by Member 552392 on Jan 1st 2008 Tagged pottytraining, pottytrain, beagle in House Soiling
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I'm not a huge fan of crate training. For some dogs, it is great, but for others, it just messes with the "don't go in my cave" instinct.

A very smart dog can definitely understand the crate being in the house, which completely negates the purpose of the crate training and then you end up with a dog who pees in the house.

Personally, I've never seen a case of a delayed potty training in a healthy dog that wasn't something the owner was doing. Even if the owner didn't know it.

First, try confining him to the room you're in or the kitchen with baby gates. Don't give him a chance for an accident. Go back to square one with the potty training.

I have a basic potty training guide in Jack's diary (back a few entries)that might be helpful. Its hard to outline everything in the short Dogster Answers format.

Just remember this principle: he's a smart dog who has learned other things quickly. This only means you haven't found the right combination of training tools, yet!

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