Captain Jack

How long after neutering does the sac dry up?

I'm curious to know because it's been two months and it's still hanging there. :) There was some licking - resulting in swelling - that he was put on antibiotics for and healed up pretty fast after that. My mom says that her dog shrunk up faster than this... Any thoughts?

Asked by Captain Jack on Jul 18th 2008 Tagged neuter in Health & Wellness
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Peylei Jujoobie

I am a Vet Tech and I want to assure you that if all the infection is gone; it is possible your dog's scrotum will stay large. Some dogs do not shrink up as everyone thinks. Sometimes they will still hang down and look large. Also, a male dog can still get to the "excited" point even though he is neutered. I would say that after two months and no infection, that is the case with your little guy.

Peylei Jujoobie answered on Jul 18th.

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