How is the recovery after surgery , removal from the heads of femur for hip dysplasia??

Asked by Member 473305 on Nov 27th 2007 Tagged hipdysplasia in Health & Wellness
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From your question, I'm assuming that the surgery you're talking about is FHO or Femoral Head Ostectomy.

Have you talked to your vet about other options? Your other two options are cemented or cementless THR (Total Hip Replacement). Both of those are preferable to the FHO surgery.

There's an article here that describes the problems with the FHO surgery, such as longer recovery time and other issues. Click here -

The THR surgery is usually the better option. With the THR you will still have about 8 weeks of recovery time during which you have to really limit exercise (keeping the dog mostly crated) but eventually your dog will be "good as new" with no pain in the hips.

Two good message boards on the subject -

Abby answered on 11/28/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


My Corgi had this done earlier this year. He is running around now as if nothing ever happened. He was in so much pain before the surgery but now chases our puppy and runs faster than she does. He still limps a bit but is not in any pain at all. I did not crate him after the surgery. He's not super active anyways so he just laid low for a couple weeks.

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