How do you train a dog not to jump INSIDE of others and your car?

I have a very intelligent border collie, who has been getting into a lot of trouble lately. She has been ignoring me when I call her, and greeting others around my neighborhood. She has also been trying to get into their CARS. I treat my dog very well, and thought she would be okay to freely run in the woods of my back yard. Obviously, I was VERY wrong. I'm afraid someone will take her soon. Please, Please help. I will take ANY help.

Asked by Member 1151583 on Jan 23rd 2013 in Behavior & Training
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Keep her leashed, don't let her roam the neighborhood. Is she getting out from your back yard? Is your yard fenced? If so, fix the spots where she's getting out. Hot wire the top of the fence and the bottom of the fence (the whole fence) and this may keep her from escaping.

Buy a kennel for her and keep her in the kennel outside.

Border Collies are active dogs, exercise her.

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