How do you tell when a chihuahua is in labor?

My 2year old chihuahua terrier mix is going to have pups.How do we know when she's in labor?

Asked by Member 534058 on Jan 5th 2008 in Health & Wellness
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Before she goes into labor her temperature will drop. She will start to "nest" or want to find a quiet space. She may refuse to eat or drink. Beginning labor she will likely moan and/or pant.
Here is a good website to get more details:

Good Luck!

answered on Jan 5th.

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With having Zoe's mother & grandmother you should know what to look for by now...Also, you need to be talking to a vet about this as she is such a small dogs & there very likely could be dangerous complications for her.
I hope the father is a small dog too.

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