How do you report a BAD Breeder?

i was goin to get a weim pup from some breeder in MO b/c thats where i live BUT she is a VERY BAD breeder~! All her pups have died from Parvo! She must of not got them there SHOTS or any of that! I don't remember her e-mail or phone number maybe i can find it and see where she lives for sure! I am wanting to know how to reprot her to Animal Police!!!??? Thanks so much any anwers will make me happy!
I just never reproted this! Is it just like reporting a hurt animal?

Asked by Member 599887 on Jun 20th 2008 in Puppies
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now don't jump to extremes, Parvo is really bad right now. Really bad, and a lot of puppies are getting it. Now a lot of breeders will go ahead and have the first vaccination done, but some don't because the new owners will want their vet to do it so they wait. It's unfortunate these pups died from parvo, but it may have just been bad fate. I wouldn't make assumptions if you don't know the whole situation. I mean go ahead and report it but it may end up just being a sad twist of fate. Just because the puppies got sick and died doesn't mean she is a bad breeder, but then again it could. It is your choice, but I do urge you not to act prematurely.

Member 570392 answered on 6/20/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Well I agree with the above answer for the most part- remember it's not like she WANTED her puppies to die from Parvo...
sometimes things just happen.

I used to raise rabbits, then Pasturella wiped out almost all my barn. That doesn't mean I am a bad breeder! Going to rabbit shows probably exposed one of my rabbits to the disease and it spread like wildfire before I could stop it.

These things happen.
True, I would avoid a dog that was exposed to Parvo, but that doesn't mean she (the owner) is a bad breeder, Parvo isn't controlled by the breeder since it is not a genetic issue.

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You definitly want to do your research on a breeder before making a choice! While Parvo can be a sad twist of fate for breeders, it might very well be unhealthy living conditions for the dogs. If she is registered with the USDA Breeders, you can file a complaint and she will be inspected, otherwise, call the local animal rescue shelter and they can give you numbers to call and sometimes information on the breeder if there have been previous complaints.

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If you really feel there's a major issue, you can call local animal control and report it.

Mississippi answered on 6/20/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


First, you should never choose a breeder based solely on the fact that they are "local" or close to where you live. You should pick a breeder based on your research about them: do they health test? Are their breeding stock titled? Can meet the parents and see the facilities? (The list goes on...)

Second, puppies do not receive their first Parvo vaccine until they are 6 to 8 weeks of age, and even when they are vaccinated, puppies can still contract Parvo because the antibody protection they receive from the mother can interfere with the vaccine. There are also several strains of Parvo out there, including ones resistant to vaccination.

It's perfectly possible for pups from a good breeder living in good conditions to get sick and die from Parvo - even if they were vaccinated!

Unless the facilities are dirty or there is something else questionable here, there is nothing to report.

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