How do you put a picture in a forum post?

In some forums, they put pictures as a reply. (not the emoticons or the primary picture of the pup) I wanted to reply to one of those threads. I just don't know how to put a picture in those threads. Please tell me how.

Asked by Shiloh on Apr 1st 2008 Tagged pictures, threads in Forums
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Brenda the Lion

You have to have the photo in a website like photobucket or Dogster. In photobucket they offer you many types of links but you have to choose the direct link. In Dogster plus you have to go to your plus album and it offers direct links to your photo.
Once you have decided which photo you will upload go to
dogster/forumImage.html (no spaces between the slash and dogster) and then paste the direct link where the word LINK is, below add a name for the photo or what you want the link to say on LINK DESCRIPTION.
Click on Create forum code and copy the link provided.
When you go back to the forums and reply to a comment, paste the link provided before. Click on preview and be sure the photo is displaying. Send if you liked it. ;P

Brenda the Lion answered on Apr 2nd.

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It's called a hover pic and you get the direct link code from the pic you want to use then go
Put in the title in link description and then create code and then copy that whole code into your forum post. Do not edit your forum post though or it will mess it up. It sure is fun to do! : )

Bonzer answered on 4/2/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer