How do you predict the color of a cavalier king charles spaniel

My boyfriend and I are trying to find a breeder for a blenheim ckcs. The one breeder said that they definately will have blenheim in the other litter. But then the other breeder said that they have no way of predicting the color of the puppies and that we have to wait and see. How is the color predicted (if there is a way). The mother is a Ruby and the dad is a tri-color in the other litter from them and then the same breeder is having another litter a month later with a mom that is Black and Tan and the Tri-color dad.

Asked by Member 835280 on May 12th 2009 in The Adoption Process
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Here is an interesting article about CKCS genetics:

There is a handy chart at the bottom of the page that sums it up very nicely.

Please note that if there is more than one color listed, you will not necessarily get puppies of all of the colors. The ones on the table are just all the possibilities they could have.

Because blenheim coloring is recessive, I would think the only way they could guarantee that color would be if both parents were blenheim.

But they could very easily predict which colors they would not have, or let you know if blenheim is a possibility.

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