How do you keep my dog off the couch?

My dog, Mattie, is on the couch or chair everytime we leave the house When we come home there is dog hair all over it and a couple days ago I came home and she was sound asleep on it. She is only on the couch when we are not at home to be sneeky :P. I put the cushions up on some of the couches but she just knocks them down again. We provide two dog beds on the floor that she uses when we are at home. I don't want to put her back in the crate because I am gone all day. Any suggestions please

Asked by Mattie on Apr 4th 2008 in Other Behavior & Training
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Shayne CGC, RL2

if it's a rocker type chair you could set up that when she jumps in the chair a large bowl full of empty tin cans fall--the sound should startle her and get her off the chair
I would set up by pretending to leave then watch from a window (or listen) for the cans and then walk back in before she has time to get in the chair but delayed enough so you aren't there AS the cans fall then reset.


Pretend to leave as you normally would (keys coat etc) shut the door wait ten seconds walk back in... if mattie is on the floor reward with a treat then go out for 15 (you want to work up to the LONGEST time before she will get on the chair)...if you walk in an she's on the chair put her on the floor and start at a shorter time. do 10 repetitions at that threshhold time.

during another training session do one or two reps. at THAT time then up the time by 1/4th (or so) and do 10-15 reps. Keep doing short sessions until you can walk out and leave for long periods of time (be patient not easy).

Shayne CGC, RL2 answered on Apr 4th.

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Miss Buddie

Someone earlier this week suggested putting aluminium foil on the couch while you're not home. They don't like the feel or the sound it makes.

Miss Buddie answered on 4/4/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


"How do you keep my dog off the couch?"

Easy -- I don't invite you guys over for coffee and dog treats!

(Sorry, I couldn't resist poking a little fun at your choice of words. Hope that's OK!)

Meridian answered on 4/4/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Aluminum foil is a good idea, as Miss Buddie suggested. Also, you can fill a can with some loose pennies and place it under a blanket on the couch. When Mattie jumps up there, she'll be startled by it enough to think twice, but the good thing is that she won't associate it with you, since you won't be there. Usually, this works with most dogs, but some can be braver or figure out that when they jump on a DIFFERENT part of the sofa, it is okay.

We used to have a lab who loved the sofa, so we just put two dining chairs on the sofa (laying down, across each other) when we left. Kind of a hassle, but a true barrier always works great. I doubt she'd be able to knock those down. :-)

Jack answered on 4/4/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Kiki - My Angel Baby Girl

Why don't you buy a leather couch so it is easy to clean dog hair off of it and let Mattie be on the couch whenever she wants. She is part of your family is she not?

Kiki - My Angel Baby Girl answered on 4/4/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer