How do you keep a male satisfied before or in between breeding? He NEEDS a girlfriend???

How do you keep a male "satisfied" until ready to breed?

Asked by Member 1139925 on Nov 9th 2012 Tagged breeding in Other Health & Wellness
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Male dogs do not NEED girlfriends, they only breed in response to a female dog being in heat and ready to be bred.
Unless that happens, they have no need but most importantly, no DESIRE to breed, unlike humans. With a dog it is all based on instinct and odor, desire does not exist in a dogs neurosystem.
As a breeder I have had male dogs who were only used once or twice in their entire lifetime. They were perfectly normal, well behaved dogs, involved in showing and also in public education programs for local shelters and were exposed to other dogs constantly. They were never "looking" for other dogs to breed, and were perfectly content and calm.

Member 641257 answered on 11/9/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 3 Report this answer


If you have to ask this question, you shouldn't be even thinking about breeding. Your dog does not NEED a girlfriend. What your dog NEEDS is YOU. Bond with your dog, he's your dog, you're suppose to care for him and love him. Play with him, take him for long walks, get him involved in a dog sport to bond with your dog.

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