How do you get my puppy to stop crying when we put him in the kennel?

I think he could still be getting over the parvo but I don't want him to get use to sleeping in the bed or on the couch. He would sleep in the kennel for a little bit and start barking and crying so loud my neighbors could hear it. I am not sure what to do. I put him in my room so he wouldn't have to be in the kennel all day but i have another dog that does not take a liking to that....


Asked by Bo on Nov 15th 2012 in Barking
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Before you lock your dog in his crate, make sure he he is fed, watered, and has gone to the bathroom. If you've done all this, he's probably just crying because he doesn't want to be locked up or doesn't want to be alone.

Understand that *every* time you give in to his whining, even by popping your head in for a peek, you're training him to keep whining. For a dog, there's no difference between "I sit and I get a treat" and "I whine and I get what I want". Effectively, he is training you to do what he wants and he sees whining as a "get out of jail free" card.

That being said, it's not fair to lock a dog up if he's hungry, thirsty, or needs to toilet, *especially* a puppy or sick dog. Also realize that a dog (especially a puppy) can't be locked up for hours on end. If you dog has been quiet for an hour or two and starts whining, then most likely he genuinely needs to go out and should be attended to. However, every time you give in to whining for attention you teach him to do it more

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Im srry for that problem! Well, spend time playing with the dog! Make sure that its not that he has an empty stomach or he is dehydrated. Also, you MUST make sure that he knowss you love him whenever he's at the kennel. Did you try giving him a blankie or a toy? Maybe he just misses you or he is really bored!!! GOODLUCK :)

Member 938834 answered on 11/17/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Boo Radley

There's a series of steps you need to go through in order to properly crate train your puppy. For my three-month old JRT, I tried using positive reinforcement my tossing treats into the crate. He'd go into the crate, eat the treat, and go back out (because you leave the door open). Then, you can begin putting them in the crate with a treat and leaving them there for very short periods of time. Think two minutes, five minutes, and so on. The final step I utilized was to place the crate into a small closed off space (I used a puppy gate), leaving the door open. they'll start going into it on their own. The key is to WAIT to let your puppy out of the crate until they stop whining. It's the same concept used when parents let their babies cry. If you respond to the behavior and give them what they want, they'll keep doing it and drive you crazy!

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