Olive Noir Janoel

How do you get a dog to stop chasing shadows and reflections

Our dog will not stop chasing light reflections or shadows when the lights are on at night. It's real bad, we feel awful for her and would love to help her. She won't rest until it's dark in the house.

Asked by Olive Noir Janoel on Nov 7th 2007 Tagged frenchbulldog, behavior, shadowandreflectionchasing in Behavior & Training
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My advice would be to address this with your veterinarian.

If your dog chases shadows and reflections all night until it's dark in the house, and cannot be stopped or deterred from doing this by means of training (ie, giving her obedience commands or starting a game of tug), it requires veterinary intervention.

Dogs can show "compulsive disorders" similar to OCD in humans. Sometimes these are referred to as canine stereotypy, which refers to a behavior that is done over and over without a clear goal.

Your vet may give you advice on how to stop her before she gets going or prescribe medication that will help her stop.

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