How do we stop dog from tearing bedding

Both my girlfriend and I work and go to school, so our 1 year old black lab has to be put in his kennel daily, but we do have 2 roommates so when he is put in there, it is only for an hour or two. The problem is that in this short span of time, he tears any sort of bedding that we give him. His new "durable" bed was torn in 2 days! What can we do to make him stop this? We can't let him out of the kennel because he has a bad history with chewing up carpet/shoes/etc. And we do walk him and have him burn his energy. Is there something we're doing wrong?

Asked by Elvis on Oct 25th 2011 Tagged bedding, chewing, seperationanxiety, destructive in Chewing
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I would remove the bedding from his kennel; he'll be safer without it. Having a hard place to lay for a short time is kinder than having to surgically remove foriegn objects from his gut.

Emmit answered on 10/25/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Okami Amaterasu

It might help also if you give him something else to occupy his time. One thing that works great is a kong stuffed with peanut butter or kong stuffing and then frozen. That will keep him entertained for HOURS.

But then there are some dogs that just like to tear up stuff! My shiba plucks all her stuffed toys =)

Okami Amaterasu answered on 10/26/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer