how do keep your puppy from running away from you when you call him from outside

Asked by Member 1155756 on Feb 17th 2013 Tagged running in Behavior & Training
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good recall.
you have to have good recall if you are going to have your dog off leash. Yummy treats in hand and make sure he knows you have them. Make them special treats that he doesn't get on a daily basis, frequently call him back to you and when he returns give him a treat so he knows when he comes back to you he gets rewarded. But a mistake that is made is simply calling the pup to you one single time and when he comes you grab him and bring him in....he doesn't want the fun to end so he will not come to you. So frequently call him to you, treat and praise, and let him go play for bit...then when it is time to go in, it is time to go in and when he comes to you treat and when you get in the house, treat.
Good Luck

Lexus answered on 2/17/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer


Until he has learned a reliable recall, DO NOT let him off his leash when outside. Otherwise, he is quickly learning that come is a nasty word and he doesn't have to respond to it.
Train his recall ON LEASH, with a favorite treat as a reward when he does come. DO NOT tell him to come when he is obviously not going to respond as that is only teaching him that you cannot do anything about his ignoring your commands. Only call him when he is leashed or inside when he IS coming toward you.
Until he comes every time, keep him leashed outside!!

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