How do I train my dog to poop without needing a walk?

I have a 2 yr old lab/hound. He only poops in ivy or the woods (not on grass) and only after 10 or so mins of a walk. He will NOT go otherwise. I've tried to hold off on walks to train him but he will literally hold it for DAYS... I feel so bad when he's done that because he is so obviously uncomfortable. I don't have a yard but I really want him to be able to just go on a short walk sometimes. He gets lots of exercise I walk and play with him daily but it's very restrictive having to go on the morning "poop-walk". He's not constipated he needs to go every day around 9am (and whines/paces until I walk him) and he doesn't seem to strain. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks!

Asked by Member 1147646 on Jan 1st 2013 Tagged walking, training in Other Behavior & Training
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