how do i train my 14 week old maltipoo to go outside AND on pee pads?

My 14 week old maltipoo came to me at 10 weeks old 99% housetrained. I'm glad she goes outside and don't mind taking her out. But she is very tiny and I would like her to feel comfortable using pee pads in the house as well, so she doesnt have to hold her pee so long while I am out, or sleeping, etc. (I am currently getting up every 4 hours in the night to walk her).

I have had pads down in my bathroom since day 1, and she has peed a little bit on them (and when she did I praised and treated her a lot) because when I know she has to pee, I sit in the bathroom with her and wait for her to go. But most of the time she just holds her pee until I take her out. I think she doesn't feel comfortable peeing in the house. Any tips?

Asked by Lacey on Aug 26th 2010 Tagged housetrainig, peepads in Housebreaking
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well by you trying to train her to go on pee pads your basically telling her its ok to go in the house. From her previous training she knows that peeing outside is the right way to go and going inside is a big no no. If you really want her to go in the house there are housbreaking "go here" sprays sold at petsmart and petco just spray that on the pee pad and put her on the pad you sprayed and she will most likely pee there. The housebreaking "go here" sprays have some pheremones and have a urine smell to it to encourage dogs to pee where the spray is. If i were you i would only use the pee pads when your gone.

Jazzy answered on 8/26/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I agree. With having your dog go potty in the house, is telling her she can go anywhere for the most part. As Lacey knows its wrong. She knows whats right. I personally don't see why you have to get up every four hours. My dogs go potty right before bed, and are good until morning. Even as they were pups.

If you feel like your dog can't hold in her potty all night, you can get her a kennel. Their sold all over, I got mine at wally world aka wal mart. for fairly cheap.

I don't agree on pee pads. I think their crazy. thats just me. She knows whats right, and it'll be hard to break her habbit.

wish you all the best.

Belle answered on 8/27/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I am confused as I imagine your dog is too.
You walk her in the middle of the night but you put pee pads down?? It has to be one or the other??
I guess I would say that I would be very happy if she is going outside and not inside.
And she is already fully aware she is not suppose to.
I guess I don't know other then not having someone to walk her during the day while you are at work? That's what I would do, hire a pet sitter.
I think it is more natural for a dog to go outside and be able to go as she should on the grass. I would not want to use pads if you are able to take her outside.

Dieta answered on 8/27/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

duke davis

i agree you should train your dog to go outside never pee pads then instead of taking an inch he will take a MILE! bathroom ouside only!

duke davis answered on 8/27/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer