How do I train a dog that does not like to catch thing and does not like to carry things to play fetch

I have a Italian Greyhound Cocker Spaniel to play fetch? She likes to play a game called fishing pole usually cats play it but she really likes it. It is were a rolled up piece of paper towel is tied to a string that is attached to a fishing pole and you spin the fishing pole in circles in different directions. Kimmiee loves that games so I thought that might she would enjoy fetch but she does not like it at all. I also wanted to know how to get her to bring back the toy I throw for her to fetch. I would love any help that you give.

Asked by Member 1116541 on Aug 28th 2012 in Commands
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with my dogs roman and buster their very good in that way the best way to teach her to play fetch is teach her drop it the trick and also try teaching her to come back to you. if she already knows all that get one of her favourite toys and when you throw it and she runs after it call her back to you. that will slowly teach her how to play it.

roman answered on 8/29/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer