How do I teach my dog to pee outside?

He runs in a circle in the house when he needs to poop, so we can bring him outside. But he shows no signs he needs to pee. When we bring him outside, he doesn't pee. He comes inside and pee, and most times we don't even know that he did until 20 minutes later =[ help!

Asked by Member 663043 on Jul 28th 2008 in House Soiling
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Take him out regularly, how often depends on his age. Watch him carefully and when he pees, do a happy "Good boy" dance and give him a treat. I just house trained an almost 2 year old dog who had not been in a house. It took less than 2 days. She does not tell me yet when she has to go, but she goes when I put her out about every three hours and every time she comes out of the crate.

Moira answered on 7/28/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Bubbles (Adopted!)

I am fostering an 8 week old puppy and she does the same thing. Take the pup out every hour, twice if needed. When you take him outside and he pees, praise him like crazy! Puppies are just like small children, they love to know they've done right. When he goes inside, do not scold him, just clean it up and move on. It is your fault not his. He had no choice BUT to pee in the house. Remember, at least once an hour! When you are not home, put him in a crate and the minute you get home let him outside to go pee/poo. Also do this when you put him in the crate and are home. Coming out of crate=going outside.

Bubbles (Adopted!) answered on 7/28/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer