Theodore aka Teddy  **CGC**

How do I stop my puppy from going underneath my bed and chairs?

My puppy has just started getting his toys and making a beeline underneath my bed and one of my chairs. I am fairly certain he isn't going under there because he is scared--he is a very confident dog. He has a crate, so why does he feel the need to find a "cave" under my bed? I really don't want him going under there, how can I stop him?? I've tried making it seem reallllllly fun where I am (instead of under the bed) and it works temporarlly, but then the next time he plays, he goes right back under.

Asked by Theodore aka Teddy **CGC** on Aug 2nd 2008 in Puppies
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I would tell you that it is caused by fear but since you're sure it's not,let's see the rest options.
Get some of the treats he can't resist and the next time he will be under the bed/chair say his name and give him a treat when he will be next to you.If he tries to go under the bed again say 'NO' and pull him out.

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