how do I stop my dogs from chewing on wood products?

I've had to replace two Oak Coffee Tables and atleast one couch and two diffrent end tables. I've tried to put jalapinos on the raw wood, but not only does he like it, but so does my 13 month old female. So this could help me with both my pup's.

Asked by Member 870351 on Aug 23rd 2009 in Behavior & Training
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Wow! They are busy, aren't they?

Problem is, busy with what? Dogs need mental and physical exercise, and if you don't provide a rich, challenging environment, they will find an activity that you may not like.

Starting with the positive approach, increase their level of exercise in the outside world. They should have at least two walks per day of at least 30 minutes (depending on breed). Take them to the dog park, dog run, or dog beach for some off-leash romping with others - this satisfies the physical exercise need and mentally challenges them to socialize with others.

When you get home, go to and read all the great articles on how to keep your dogs busy.

Supervise them closely. When one starts to chew, say "ah, ah" and distract with a toy. If the dog goes back to chew, repeat the "ah, ah" and put him/her outside or in a boring, safe place like the laundry room. Five minutes later, resume play. Repeat as needed. Repeat.

Katie answered on 8/23/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Training will burn up energy as well. Try putting rules into games like fetch for instance. You won't throw the ball until he/she sits for instance. There is steam coming from the dog's ears when I get really tricky and it is even more fun.

They seem to need to chew. A kong smeared with a little peanut butter is usually good for a while. A dog biscuit crammed in a kong is a nice food puzzle as well. Bully sticks or the like are well loved by most dogs. Do NOT leave the chewies with them when you are gone. Kongs are strong but accidents happen.

If this is happening when you are gone make sure energy has been used up before leaving and keep them in one boring room that might let them relax. You might be getting up before dawn for an hour walk to the park to play fetch for instance before going to work. After the dogs are mature they might let you get away without this but adolescent dogs need a big investment of time and energy to be able to survive this time in their lives.

Sassy answered on 8/23/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I got one of those buster food cubes (I got mine at It's a hard plastic cube that you can fill with treats or kibble and my dogs are entertained for hours. They are both avid chewers and can eat a whole rawhide bone in about 20 minutes (so they don't get those often because I'm afraid of intestinal blockages). The cube keeps them busy for hours and they keep going back to it. I have tried many interactive toys and this one is the best for my dogs because they are so food driven, but something else might work better for you're dogs.

Another thing that works to keep them busy is I go to my butcher and get beef, pork, or lamb knuckle bones and/or thigh bones. The marrow has a lot of nutrition and they chew on them for hours. Although I always supervise bone chewing.

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I tried Bitter apple and Phooey, my puppy considered it a condiment.
Tire them out before you leave them. Train on the "leave it" command using rewards for compliance. Until they get the idea - Crate when you can't watch them.
Go to the pet store and buy, real beef bones, antlers, Kong toys, Twist and Treat, Tug-A-Jug. These will give the dogs something to do other than be a canine lathe.
Do not give them all the toys, bones and chews. Put all the stuff in a place out of doggie reach. Get them out when you want them to be occupied on a good thing, praise them! Many dogs get attention only when they mess up and negitive is better than none at all. So sad. Good thing you don't have to be that kind of owner.

Pepper answered on 8/23/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


crate training is going to help if you can not watch them place them in one and put a kong in there stuffed with peanut butter.
Black kongs are great for this age so that they can use those new choppers after teething in puppy hood. of course all chew toys should be replaced once they get worn.
When you catch them chewing on the tables it would be good for them to already know the Leave it Command. You can teach each dog that seperately, right in the living room on the floor
I can give you tips on teaching that with a hot dog piece.

Dieta answered on 8/24/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer