Chewbacca (Bacca)

How do I stop my dog from pooing on the carpet?

He is 5 months old and is crate trained. He no longer pees anywhere in the house, but he seems "defiant" when it comes to pooping!

He will normally go outside, but occasionally will seem to hold back. I bring him back inside, turn my back for 5 minutes and voila!

I praise him and give him treats everytime he goes outside.

If I catch him in the act, pooping, he will immediately run to the back door to be let out, and finish the job, so it's clear that he knows where he supposed to go, but he still persists in not telling me when he needs to go outside for poo. But if I don't catch him, he will poo and then sit a few feet away looking shamefaced! Pee is no issue.

Ideas anyone?

Asked by Chewbacca (Bacca) on Sep 3rd 2008 in Behavior & Training
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Cookies 'n' Creme (1998-2011)

Try offering praise rich rewards when he does go outside. Dogs love rewards, so when they figure out what gives them more they tend to do what gives them more. Perhaps he knows exactly how to tell you that he needs to go pee, but not how to go poo? I know it sounds silly, but just maybe...a bell hanging on the door may help. Ring the bell whenever you open the door and he will eventually get it.

Cookies 'n' Creme (1998-2011) answered on 9/3/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer

~Emma~ RL1

Dogs do not do this to be defiant.
He probably looks shamefaced, because dogs are genius at reading your body language and he can "read" you when you are upset/frustrated, etc.

A couple of things....

You might leash him to you. Then you can tell right away if he starts to squat.

Or make sure he is always in the same room with you. Block off or close doors so he stays with you. Dogs will sniff and sometimes turn in circles. There is always a visual signal, you just have to start watching for it.

Also, you may try walking him around the block, to "work it out."

Cute name!

~Emma~ RL1 answered on 9/3/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer


He does need Rewards... but right now he thinks that if he poops inside he gets rewarded by being let out to "finish." If he wants to go back outside for more playtime and sniffing, he will poop in the house. And that "guilty" look he gets IS because of your posture and attitude, not because he knows better.

Feed him on a schedule so you can better anticipate his bowel movements. Don't leave a full dish on the floor. He should finish what he wants in 20 min, then pick up his dish.

When you take him to potty, use a leash. If he "goes" let him off the leash in the backyard for a playtime. Outdoor playtime is the reward here! If he doesn't go in the first 5 min outside, then bring him in and crate him. Try another pottybreak in 20-30 mins. This way you can train him to potty in at the beginning of outdoor play, or before a walk instead of after. You will not have accidents if he is crated, this way you can't mistakenly rewarded him for pooping indoors.

Maya answered on 9/4/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


I agree with walking him to work it out.

It takes longer to poo than it does to pee.You can try giving him a little more time outside for potty breaks, just lengthen the time you spend out there.Never make peeing/pooing the end of outside time.

Otherwise he will wait until the last second if possible to go.

We had this issue with our dog, we would take him outside and he would play in the grass and run around and then come home and Surprise! So we started walking him just a block or two then back around and only letting him eliminate in our yard.After he did he got a few more minutes to play and back home we went.

Bubbalicious answered on 9/7/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer