How do I stop my dog from barking at passing people?

He barks at anybody walking down the street. How do I stop this?

Asked by Member 989320 on May 28th 2010 Tagged barkingtraining in Behavior & Training
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Well, many dogs bark for protecion. Our CHihauhua is a guard dog in a small,5 lb body! What we do is (this is what our vet reccomend, but it doesn't work on certain dogs) Whenever he barks stop and grab where the leash clips to the callar. Once he stops continue.

Member 769709 answered on 5/28/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Well, sometimes you cant stop a dog, my dog barks at a lot of things, but, i was able to break my dog from most of it.
But i do agree with the above answer, try it and see if it works, if not, then it may be something that you cant stop.
There are some dogs that you cant stop, maybe if your dog understands what you want him to do, he might figure it out, and you could then break him from that habit.
Good luck
p.s. make sure that when he DOES bark, that you make him understand that that is a NO NO!!! ;)

♣Duchess♣ answered on 5/28/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


What type of barking is it? There are many types. Is it simply alesrt barking? Is it a fear reaction? Is it the beginning of an aggressive reaction? Is it excitement?

I would address each of these issues a bit differently, but none of them by physically handling my dog.

Pick up a copy of Scaredy Dog by Ali Brown (it is about reativity) and Control Unleashed by Leslie McDevitt. Both should provide you with insight and advice on how to deal with this.

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I would work on a "look at me" command. Break the dogs need/desire to bark at people by making him look at you and stop. It worked well with my dog. She was very scared and very unsure of strangers when I first got her and we practiced "look at me" and also turning and leaving the situation. Then carefully introduced her to people at a distance with treats and positive reinforcement. She's pretty good now. I think she will always be shy but she does NOT bark at people now.

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