How do I stop my 9 mth Mini Pin terrier x from peeing on my bed

I rescued a mini pin terrier cross from an RSPCA shelter a couple of months ago. He keeps peeing on my bed I don't let him sleep on the bed he has a bed next to it. I have stopped letting him on the bed at all. I keep my bedroom door closed to keep him out but my daughter sometimes forgets and I find a little present. I have trued putting him in the bathroom to sleep but his seperation anxiety means neither of us get any sleep. he was neutered when I picked him up and he goes to the toilet before bed and as soon as he wakes up on the morning. This is not a bladder control issue as he only gets up on the bed to pee on it. Starting to lose patience and sick of sending my doona to the dry cleaners. Would appreciate any help or advice as a lot of people talk about asserting dominance how do I do this with a little dog??

Asked by Member 1133834 on Oct 2nd 2012 Tagged peeingonbed, dominance, minipin in Dogs and a Clean Home
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If you can't beat um, join um...

Get your bed cleaned up and descented.
Buy/make a ramp/stair where he will have easy have access to your bed, and leave a convenient light on at night, until he learns the up/down route.
Move his bed up to a convenient location on your bed.
Place a couple of his favorite treats around on your bed.
Make sure he has access (doors open) to the approved potty area (inside/outside).
Set aside some play time ON your bed.

"Make it one of the places where you two live together".

Becca answered on 10/2/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer