How do I stop my 8 week old puppy from eating grass and rocks?

My 8 week old min pin Izzy keeps eating grass and dirt. I don't think it is because she doesn't like her food because she always eats it. Her food is iams puppy food.I tell her no in a firm voice but she will not stop. I am also kind of worried because I've read on the internet that grass will make dogs throw up. I am very concerned about this. How can I stop my puppy from eating grass and other things?

Asked by Member 982340 on Apr 19th 2010 Tagged grass, rocks, eating, puppy in Puppies
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Yes grass will make your dog throw up, but this is why they do that. It helps rid their system of bile.
All 4 of my dogs do this all the time. My oldest is 9 years old and he has done it since I got him at 10 weeks.
If you notice, there are only certain blades of grass that she will chew. They know which ones are the fresh blades as the nutrient that she is after, is only present on the blade for a few days. It is instinct for them to do this, so don't worry too much about it. Just be sure she has a good healthy diet and she will be fine.
Rocks are another thing. I wouldn't let one of mine swollow rocks. Even my hyper overactive chewer Gidget will spit out a rock if she picks one up while grazing the property for fresh grass blades. So watch closely, i can't imagine it would be too easy to digest a rock,
I don't worry about dirt, their toys get dirt on them all the time so I know they eat some dirt probably every day. Especially when grazing for fresh grass.
Good luck

Hector answered on 4/19/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


You have to worry about the rocks those are very harmful and then as they grow a dog that has a rock eating habit can wear down their teeth badly.
You might have to supervise all her visits outside and build a pen with patio blocks on it so she won't have access to it.(that doesn't mean to keep her in a kennel or not play with her go in with her and play with her in it.
Grass will either stay down or they will throw it back up.
Maybe the kibble is not right for her.
Or she is not getting enough small meals.
You feed her several small hand amounts during her puppy hood then those slowly tapper off as she matures. Talk to your vet about what amounts to feed her.

Dieta answered on 4/19/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Puppies eat grass if they have upset tummies. A nervous parent can mean a nervous puppy - RELAX. Bring some toys out to play with and make sure the pup has bones to chew on. Bring some kibbles with you as a potty reward and to lure puppy away from eating anything really harmful. Just like human toddlers, puppies explore with their mouths, it's normal, let it happen.
If your puppy continues to have an upset tummy then ask your Vet about feeding and a change of food. Puppies should eat 3 meals a day and should have 3-4 poops a day too. Poops should be firm. if mushy or smelly see your Vet.

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