how do I stop my 12year old Yorkshire terrier biting everyone and hes urinating everywhere out and indoors

my dog started biting about 2 year ago, he recently bit one of my young nieces, he has bit the children a few times now and he has bitten me. He has a dog cage since he was a puppy so is happy in there but im finding I have to shut him away whenever any family or friends call. He is very aggressive towards my family closest to me. My husband finds it hard to approach him at any time. He acts strange outdoors like walking backwards and forwards then stopping and changing direction, he lifts his leg loads more than usual and is worse in the house, he wets on me and anything he feels like wetting on. He has a nice side to but 99% unpredictable, I cant take him to the vets im afraid they will put him to sleep, thats even if I could get him there. we have had him since he was 5 weeks old, I know my dog or at least I did. Any suggestions appreciated.

Asked by Member 1033151 on May 8th 2011 in Aggression
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He NEEDS to see a vet! Most likely he has a urinary tract infection or has urinary stones both of which are extremely painful and both of which can be treated!!
ALL of the symptoms you are describing indicate a dog who is sick and in pain.
Your vet will not euthanize your dog without your permission, and the longer you wait to get him examined, the longer he will have to suffer in pain, which is not only not fair to him, but it is also considered animal cruelty!
Please get him examined ASAP so he can be comfortable and healthy again.

Member 641257 answered on 5/8/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 4 Report this answer


Agree with Toto..he needs to see the vet. He needs to have a senior work-up done. It could be a UTI, or thyroid, or demntia..any number of things that can not be diagnosed by strangers over the internet. It is heartwrenching when our dogs get old..I know. But consider quality of life..he can not be happy right now. Please see the vet to determine the cause...then make your own decision.

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I am a canine behaviorist in Montgomery, Alabama. I suggest you get your little guy to the vet because it is quite possible that he has a bladder infection! As far as his aggression, you need to hire a behaviorist/trainer that can give you the proper tools to address his issues. Remember, when you show fear towards him, he will take this sign to stay in an "Alpha" mode. Do you take him for walks everyday? That would drain some of his energy... Please get him to the vet immediately! And no, they will NOT put him to sleep, I promise!!!

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