How do I send a message to someone at dogster??

I adopted a dog out to this really nice family using dogster, but the emails got deleted. Is there anyway I could get the messages back? I know dogster keeps every message. I wanted to see how she was dong.

Asked by Addie on Jun 13th 2012 in Paw Mail
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Go to your paw-mails, at the top right side you will see where it says "Folders", click on the archive and you will see the messages. Dogster states that messages older than 90 days old that you have not deleted can be found in your Archive Mail Box.

However, if you want to see the messages that have been sent back and forth, you need to buy a Dogster Plus subscription.

You can also message/paw-mail the same people on Dogster if they're still on the website to see how the dog is doing.

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