How do I retrain a dog to stop using pee pads and "go" outdoors?

I just adopted a year old chihuahua from the pound. She is obviously trained to go potty inside and is very good at going on those pee pads. However, I want to retrain her to go when I take her outside. I've tried taking the pee pads outside with us. I've been placing it on the ground and trying to coax her into going but she won't. As soon as we get inside she runs to use her pee pad. Any suggestions on retraining her???

Asked by Member 1069039 on Nov 7th 2011 Tagged potty, pads, training, rescue in Behavior & Training
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Afriend has dogs that do the same but is to lazy to try to get them to go outside (THIS IS NOT YOU I AM TALKING ABOUT) she said there is this spray you can spray on the ground to have the go where ever the spray is. Or maybe you can cut the pee pads it will take some time but if you cut them smaller and smaller till you have nearly nothing I would say each week do this I think maybe you can train her to go potty outside. Or maybe you can crate train I did this with my dogs as soon as they are up theu go outside when ever they eat when ever they wake up from naps or if I think about ti they go out and I walk till they do both the first time this take time sometimes. if you have a fenced in yard and it is nice outside you maybe able to leave your dog out for a while but you need to see if the dog goes potty.

Don't know what else to say.


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