How do I potty train a doberman pincher? How do I train them to let you know they have to go outside?

Asked by Member 666787 on Aug 5th 2008 in Behavior & Training
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When potty training any breed of dog, the key to the training is praise. When you let the dog go outside wait for them to do their "business" and as soon as they are finished give them a tasty treat and say "good dog! good dog!!"

If you catch the dog doing their business inside the house you should quickly pick him/her up and bring them outside as quick as you can (if it is an adult doberman this might be hard to do so just lead them outside), and as soon as he/she goes, give a tasty treat and say "good dog!!" What you should never do is use negative reinforcement. Make sure NOT to punish the dog, but PRAISE him/her when they do the right thing.

Sometimes you can train the dog to do something like ring a bell when they have to go outside, but this can be difficult to do. The best thing to do is watch the dog. Right before he/she does their business they will usually do little things like circle or sniff around. When you notice the dog doing these things, take them outside immediately.

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Gray Dawn Treader

Associate going outside with good things (ie, lots of praise and rewards).
When the dog goes inside and if you catch it in the act, redirect the behavior to outside by startling the dog by saying "ack!" and taking it outside. When it's done going, praise and reward like wild.
When you just find a mess, just clean it up. The dog won't understand corrections unless you catch it in the act.

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