How do I make my dog braver when other dogs bark at him?

My beagle Sonny loves to play. Some dogs express that playfulness by barking and I think Sonny is taking that the wrong way. When other dogs bark straight at him he walks away with his tail tucked in. How do I make him braver?

Asked by Member 857182 on Aug 13th 2009 Tagged brave, braver, scared, bark, otherdogs in Fears & Phobias
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A friend of mine had that same problem. The dog probably needs support from you, so when you meet another dog and he barks at Sonny, don't let him walk away. Tell him he's a good boy for not going away, pet him, etc. Maybe with your help, he could get over his fear.

AJ answered on Aug 14th.

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well, if their barking is not alright to him maybe that is a good thing.
He will know what they are saying.
Also beagles are not usually a fighter or a barker in that way.
Their way of barking is on a hot track of a rabbit.
I would say it is okay for him to feel some fear and it is good he is walking away.
If he lacks confidence in other ways you can just learn some basic track laying and teach him that.
You can lay a track about 50feet straight out and in the front of your footprint every 12 paces lay a small piece of hotdog. When the track ends place at the end a whole hot dog or some evo can food as his ultimate reward. Give the dog a job to do, he will love it

Dieta answered on 8/14/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer