How do I help my puppy with dewclaw removal wounds?

I have a litter of 5 day old chocolate lab/vizsla mix. After much research, I removed one of the puppies dewclaws using proper surgical procedures.

With that said, I am very worried about him, the wounds seem too "open" and he still seems to be in pain.

Please help me to help this little guy out.

I know many of you are going to get angry at this post, please know that I now feel this procedure is evil. I will never have dewclaws removed again.

Asked by Member 1123837 on Aug 2nd 2012 Tagged dewclaw, dew, claw, puppy, surgury, wound, pain in Health & Wellness
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It's not "evil" to get dewclaws removed. A lot of ppl get puppies dewclaws removed as the dewclaws do not serve dogs any purpose. They can get hung up on and dogs will rip their dewclaws to the point where the toe is literally just hanging off of the foot. Did you have them surgically removed by a licensed veterinarian or did you do it yourself? I would take the puppy to a vet ASAP as you do not want the wound to get infected. At such a young age puppies can get infections and get sick quicker and easier than an adult dog due to their low immunity system.

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Kali earned her wings 10/21/14

Sorry he's in pain. I would contact your vet and ask him what you should do. Good Luck with the pups. Why did you have the one pups dewclaw removed and not the others? Did he have a problem with it?

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My vet ONLY removes dew claws prior to three days of age AND each pup gets one or more sutures after the removal.
IF the entire toe doesn't get fully removed then healing IS compromised. This is why this procedure is done by a licensed veterinarian.
If this is the case with your pup it sounds like he will need further surgery to clean the wound and suture it.
I have been breeding for over 40 years but DO NOT consider myself a vet and only have dew claws and/or tails done by a licensed veterinarian in a sterile operating room.
I may be assuming too much from your post but it sounds like you did this yourself? I have a friend whose "mentor" did the dew claws on one of her litters... FIVE of the pups died from serious complications and infection, so I would definitely get this pup to your vet ASAP!!! It should be completely healing within two days after the surgery, with NO pain, which is why they are done while the pups are so young.

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Bruno CGC

I think Toto covered it pretty well. I just wanted to cover something Luna (the first answer) said- that dewclaws have no purpose.

Actually there are quite a lot of people that choose to leave dews on because it's now thought that they DO have a purpose- stabilizing a dog's wrist on tight turns at high speed. This link explains it:
While this is not a serious issue for most pet dogs who don't have serious demands put on their bodies, it can be for canine athletes, such as herding, agility, flyball, or sled dogs. Removing the front dews is correlated with serious carpal arthritis in canine athletes.

Anyway, if front dewclaws were useless and vestigial, then why do all wild canines have them...? Traits with no purpose tend to be discarded by evolution. Interestingly, only domestic dogs have REAR dews, which do seem to be vestigial.

Obviously it's too late for the question asker, I'm writing for the lurkers who are reading.

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