How do I get my labradoodle to stop biting his leash?

My dog is loves biting his leash - so far I have bought 3 new ones, in the 4 years I've owned him.
Every time the price has gone up and so far I have spent over $25.

I have put the following deterents on his leash with no success:

1) Bitter Apple
2) Phooey - also used on horses, rabbits, etc.
3) Lime Juice
4) Lemon Juice
5) Vinegar
6) Hot Pepper
7) Chili Pepper
8) Hot Sauce
9) Horse Radish
10) Horse Radish mixed with Hot Sauce

Ben Gay works beautifully - I also put it on the rim of the kitchen counters, garbage cans, and recycling - but everyone complains about the smell.

If anyone has any suggestions, I would be very grateful. When I try to get the lease out of his mouth - "Drop it!" and pull, he naturally thinks it's a game of "Tug-of-War."

Many thanks for your help.

Asked by Member 638347 on Jul 17th 2009 Tagged leashbiting in Behavior & Training
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So don't pull. Try freezing when the leash is in his mouth instead. No attention. When he drops it move along. In mouth, freeze out. Out of mouth walking time. As he is walking along NOT mouthing the leash praise him as well.

If you need to get something out of the dog's mouth pulling just starts a fun tug game. Try holding him by the collar close to your leg and holding the leash still. When he gets tired of holding on to the boring static leash and releases, party time.

No law against taking a toy with you on a walk. Many agility competitors use the leash as a tug. Train it as a game to be played at your convenience not his. I would just tie something to the END of the leash though.

Maxwell answered on 7/17/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer