How do I get my girl puppy to stop peeing when she is excited or scared?

We got into the habit of just putting her outside after she would have an accident, to let her know that is where she does business. She doesn't pee just anytime now. But if we talk to her, try to pet her, or get down to play with her.....she pees. After we put her out for it, she acts cautious around us for about a half hour; not wanting to come to us right off and putting her head down. But we will be talking really sweet and she still pees right at our feet, even if we just took her out. I don't know if she senses we are mad when we put her out or what. But even if that is so, it would be fear and excitement because she does it when she is fine and happy, and when she's acting scared. We can let her in, and 5 min later if we talk to her, she does it again.

Asked by Athena on Jan 21st 2008 in House Soiling
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What this sounds like to me is submissive urination.

Submissive urination is not a housebreaking problem. It can happen if the dog has just been outside. It can be triggered by being overly excited and scared, but it's mostly a response to you. Your body language may be telling her one thing even though you're not intending it to. A lot of dogs urinate submissively when people stand over them, lean over them, reach over their heads, look in their faces, bare their teeth smiling, etc.

Try squatting next to her, leaning slightly away (putting your weight on the leg furthers from her), having your shoulder turned toward her. Squint your eyes and don't look straight at her. Then talk normally to her and pet her. See if that gives you a different response other than peeing.

Don't treat it as a housebreaking issue - in other words, don't put her outside or punish her for it. Just clean it up and ignore the behavior completely. Most grow out of it as they get older.

Abby answered on Jan 21st.

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Our female chihuahua also has this issue...and it has been an issue with her her whole life. We took her to the vet, thinking it was a bladder problem, etc. Our vet informed us that this is just a "submissive" urination and with some dogs, they will outgrow it..but others will not. Don't punish her for it though..she can't control it. When she does get older her bladder muscles will have more control and they may help. If it does continue or gets worse, seek a vets advice about it. If it is constantly a problem, you may even want to consider "doggie diapers" for her. Good luck!

Hunter answered on 1/21/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Ramsey Howard Tennyson

Peeing can also happen from overexcited greetings don't over do it and do not let new people greet her until she is calm. The excitement can be overwhelming sometimes.

Ramsey Howard Tennyson answered on 1/22/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Ignore her for a little while when you get home. that works for my dog. if we pet her too soon when we get back, she pees. you might have to do that all the time cuz our dog will still pee from excitement if we pet her too soon.

CREEPSHOW answered on 1/22/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer