How do I get my English Bulldog to stop peeing every time someone comes to our home?

My 4 yr old English Bulldog pees every time someone comes to our house. We usually have to have her outside when people come to our house, and she usually pees right outside the door as she's looking in. It takes about 10 minutes for her to calm down (after peeing) before she's back her lazy self.

Asked by Member 1063734 on Oct 15th 2011 in Behavior & Training
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Your dog is doing submissive urination.

I did dog rescue for a bit and had a dog that would do the same thing all the time even when I got her excited - because she was beaten for doing this. That's why she ended up in dog rescue.

Buy a steam cleaner, and absolutely NEVER punish her for urinating when she's excited. A gallon of water mixed with 1/2 cup or baking soda works to remove the scent and cleans the carpet nicely. Don't make a big deal out of it. The reason your dog is urinating is to SHOW submission, if you punish her for it, she'll submit even more - you'll make it worse.

I'd also would bring my dog outside to meet people coming over instead of having them just walk in. You just have to be patient, and they stop.

I kept that dog in rescue, and she never does it now.

I know it's not a quick easy answer, it's not a quick easy problem to solve. You have to be patient, and you can NEVER punish her for doing it.

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