How do i get my dogs to stop fighting over food?

my dogs show aggression around food how do i stop them from fighting They are fed in the same pen out of different feeders 3 ft apart and they fight each other and cats on the other side of the fence

Asked by *Tommy* on Oct 3rd 2010 in Aggression
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well you need to separate them more than just 3 ft apart. What you need to do is either. feed one dog in the pen and one outside of the pen OR you need to feed one in a separate room like for example feed one dog in the laundry room and close the door and feed the other one in the kitchen and don't let the dog out of the laundry room til the other one is done with its food.

Jazzy answered on Oct 4th.

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❤  Sadie ❤

if it towards each other then they need to be fed separatly

if it is towards you, then seek some advice from a behaviorlist

i can't really tell exactly what your problem is because of lack of info (like where are they fed, etc) so its the best i can give you

❤ Sadie ❤ answered on 10/3/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer