How do I get my dog to stop humping?

I know neutering is usually the best option but it isn't for me. Today we took him for a long hike before taking him to the dog park thinking that may help his urges. It was worse. Even when I put him on a lead if a dog came near he immediatley tried humping. He can't even have fun at the park because of this

Asked by Member 568339 on Feb 9th 2008 in Socialization
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Neutering tends to take away the "humping associated with procreation" only. It does not take away the canine desire to be the dominant dog (both males and females, neutered or intact, exhibit mounting behavior). It's simply a behavior that you have to work on desensitizing your dog to.

First and foremost, NEVER EVER let your intact male mount an intact female unless you are undergoing responsible breeding!!!

Secondly, if/when your dog exhibits the behavior, you need to correct it. Keep him on a leash and when he starts trying to mount another dog, a light tug on the leash/collar coupled with a command (No, Leave It, etc.) will work in time (as long as your dog is receptive to basic obedience training). There are many different techniques used to train a dog to not mount, but there's just not enough room in this answer window.

Whatever you do, never EVER affirm the behavior with treat/attention rewards! Only affirm the behavior when he is minding you!

answered on Feb 9th.

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Bear and Bambi - Mommys Angels

I don't think there is a solution. Just try your best to discourage him, distract him, make a loud noise, anything that will startle him a bit. Neutering does not always work either!
Good Luck!

Bear and Bambi - Mommys Angels answered on 2/9/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


well you can tell your dog NO!!!!!

Member 568245 answered on 2/9/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

North Easts Oxford Scholar CD,

Mounting isn't always a sexual behavior - it is often a dominant behavior. I mount you because I want to be 'top dog' in the pack - if you accept me mounting you then you accept me as top dog.

Mounting an unknown dog is basically the same as me walking up to a total stranger and giving them a hug...incredibly rude and likely to get me slapped!

Neutering has far more benefits than stopping the mounting behavior - removes risk of testicular cancer, lessens risk of aggression, lessens risks for alot of things - pros far outweigh the cons.

If he can't behave himself, he should never be off lead around other dogs - one of these days he'll mount a dog that won't tolerate it and your dog could be seriously injured in a fight.

North Easts Oxford Scholar CD, answered on 2/11/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer