How do I get my dog to eat when he does not want to?

I am watching my sisters dog while they are on vacation. It has been for days now and she will not eat. I understand she misses her family but I am wondering how to get her to eat her food. Last night she was up a lot and now is very quiet and appears weak. Is there anything I can give her, food, to make her feel better? Oh, she is a small indoor dog. Help.

Asked by Member 549639 on Dec 23rd 2007 Tagged food, anxiety in Other Health & Wellness
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 Cocoa Bean

If you have a pet supply shop near you look for Nutrical, Nutrigel or PetGold. This supplements have vitamins and calories and it is recommended for cats and dogs that are not eating well or need extra nutrients *pregnant or sick pups*. Read the dose and feed it to the doggy. My Chihuahuas are a bit picky when it comes to food and this supplement triggers the appetite. This is a paste that is very tasty to dogs and easy to feed. Offer the dog food after feeding the supplement and be patient.
Ask the dog owner if there is a special time when the dog eats offer continuity to this schedule.
I hope this helps.

Cocoa Bean answered on Dec 23rd.

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Sometimes dogs become bored from eating strictly dry food and all it requires is some canned food mixed in or switching to a semi-moist food To spark thier attention. There are also canned mix-ins available that you gradually ease off of to get them back to eating strictly dry. Many vets feel that combining both dry and canned is the ideal diet. And might also help her if she thinks she is getting a 'special' treat. Also, try letting her talk to her family on the phone, i know it sounds silly, but she is probly worried about them. If she saw them pack up, she might think they abanded her.
If she gets too weak, and doesnt eat in the next couple of days, you might want to take her to the vet. MAKE SURE SHE IS DRINKING LOTS OF WATER. you dont want her to get dehydrated, trust me!
Good luck, Give her a big puppy kiss for me!

Jezebelle answered on 12/23/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


I would contact at vet immediately.

Four days without food could kill a small dog, even if she is drinking plenty of water.

She may be upset emotionally and not wanting to eat, but it VERY unusual for an otherwise healthy dog (even a stressed one) to go this long without eating her food.

Jack answered on 12/23/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Hi! I agree with the other answers you've received--but definitely contact the vet immediately. Meanwhile, try feeding her things most dogs can't resist, (i.e. small pieces of chicken). Try putting a little gravy in her food, or try getting her to eat some cooked, plain rice. The vet will be able to take it from there. Keep us updated!

Henry answered on 12/23/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer