How do I get my dog to eat dog food??

I have a small dog that's 14mo old, and I started giving her chicken with her dry food early on so she'd eat it. Over time she stopped eating that, so I started her on a cooked homemade diet, but now she's become super picky and wont eat most of it & now i don't know what to feed her.

She is rather spoiled but I would like to stop that.

How do I get her back to eating just dog food, wet or dry or both??

We plan on getting a 2nd dog and I don't want to start the picky eater thing again.

Asked by Member 1101937 on Mar 24th 2012 Tagged food, pickyeater in Food & Nutrition
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There are a number of things that you can dog to encourage a dog to eat.

You can warm up the food in the microwave to make it smell more appetizing.

You should also put the food down and after twenty minutes pick the food up and only put it down the next time that she is supposed to eat, then she will see that if she doesn't eat that food she doesn't get anything.

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Bruno CGC

Give her food, and if she doesn't eat it within a reasonable amount of time, take it away. No snacks until next meal. Don't give in!

Very few dogs will actually starve themselves, so don't worry about her. Even little dogs can go over a day without eating.

You might also be feeding too much. This can make a picky eater worse, if they're never very hungry at meal times. Try feeding smaller portions. Small dogs really need an astonishingly tiny amount of food. Some toy breeds only need a few spoonfuls per day.

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