How do I get my border collie to like water?

My border collie mix is TERRIFIED of water. It is to the extent that even when I pick up the hose she runs the other direction. It is a MAJOR pain to get her to take a bath. She tries to jump out, she scratches me and tries to jump on me. She is never aggressive towards me on purpose. And when ever I try to get her to come to the tub in the bathroom, she gets extremely nerous and piddles on the floor. I need HELP PLEASE!!

Asked by Dixie on Jun 20th 2010 Tagged bath in Bathing
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Well i have a border collie to and at first she never liked water either. Since i dont life near a lake or anything like that i bought a little baby pool before introducing that to her i put the hose on the minimal almost with no water, and let her drink from it then i put more and more pressure. After a while of doing that she started to go slowly in her little pool with a little bit of water and now we just fill it to the top!
Maybe try off like that :)
Hope i helped!

April answered on 7/27/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer