How do I get my 8 month old pup not to flop and nap on his walks. He only does this with me.

He lays down when we get close to home. I have tried the treat thing with throwing them. I have tried sticks. I have even picked him up but at 50 pounds he is getting heavy. He likes to bite if I go near him. Not sure what to do. Any suggestions?

Asked by Member 1179111 on Jul 9th 2013 in Leash Walking
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xena CGC

your number 1179111 shows you are a cat named noelle if you weight 50 lbs. it is awonder you can even walk . if this is a dog get it to a vet the biting may because of pain .

xena CGC answered on 7/30/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer