How do I get my 1.5 yr old dog to sleep through the night?

When we first got her as a puppy, we crate trained. Then when she got older and more trustworthy with potty training, we started leaving the crate door open and she could sleep with us in the bed or in her crate as she pleased. This worked perfectly for almost a year, up until a month ago. Now anywhere between 1 and 3 am, she gets up and whines continuously until I wake up. Sometimes she wants to go out, sometimes she wants water, sometimes she wants to play, and sometimes she just wants me to go sleep on the couch with her. I try putting her back in the crate and ignoring the whining to discourage this, but she keeps whining and I stay awake all night. I also try walking her before bed to tire her out. I can't think of any major changes in the past month. I'm at a loss for the cause. Please help!

Asked by Member 1154696 on Feb 11th 2013 in Crate Training
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