how do i get a friend on my messaging? i need a friend but i dont have a friend on my messaging so how do i get one?how?

Asked by zane on Dec 24th 2008 in Instant Messaging
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You can IM (Instant Message) any of your pup pals. If you do not have pup pals, you can choose someone to be a pup pal, once your request is accepted they become your pup pal. To choose a pup pal you can do a "stroll" and "invite" someone to be your pal by going to their page and pushing the second button beneath their picture to invite to be pals. Once a person is your pup pal you do have the option to IM them when they are online. Under the Messages option on the left hand side, you can press Instant Messaging and it will take you to the site of any of your pup pals that are online and all you have to do is click on the "I'm Online" option beneath their picture, this will open an IM box to communicate with your pup pal. I have sent you a Pup Pal Request, so when you accept you will be able to see if I'm online and chat. Hope this helps.

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