how do i find out what kind of pitbull my dog is

i have a pitbull mixed. i want to know what kind of pit it is or what is he mixed with.

Asked by Member 520992 on Oct 24th 2007 in American Pit Bull Terrier
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Unless the people you got the dog from know the breeds of both the mother and father of your dog, there is absolutely no way of telling exactly what breeds are in your dog.

There now are DNA tests to determine dog breeds in mixed breeds, but they are extremely limited in their scope (they only have so many breeds they can recognize) and they are frequently wrong. I know of a number of people who've sent in samples from purebred dogs, for example, German Shepherds, that came back as something completely different. It really isn't worth wasting your money on because it most likely won't tell you anything more than what we can guess by looking at your dog's pictures.

Abby answered on 10/24/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer