Zoey (my angel) 2003-2012

How do I delete the birth year, my dog passed away

How do I delete the dates, my dog passed away

Asked by Zoey (my angel) 2003-2012 on Sep 6th 2012 in News & Events
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I am so sorry that your girl Zoey has passed away. I know you have many wonderful memories of her.

To answer your question, try going to your Account page. To the right click on Modify Biography and Traits.
Then click on Story. That will open a new area. Right under the word story, check the little box that says Zoey is no longer with us. Then you can enter the date of her passing, or Rainbow bridge day as we say around here.
Scroll down a bit and click to Save changes.
I think that will discontinue the birthdays for her.
Again, I am so sorry for your loss.

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