How can I train my dog not to jump on visitors to my home when they enter?

Every time a visitor comes to my home, my 4 yr old Shih-poo jumps up on the guest, biting his/her clothes and pulling on them. What can I do to stop this behavior? One day my dog is going to actually tear the clothes and/or hurt the visitor by unintentionally scratching them with his sharp nails.

Asked by Member 992577 on Jun 15th 2010 Tagged behavior, jumping in Jumping Up
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You train an incompatable behavior. A dog that is sitting nicely can not jump. Alternately, you can train a place cue and when visitors come by, you can ask your dog to go to his place.

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Click on the above link for a site with training tips.
Then practice - a lot!
Asher has given good info combine the two and impress everyone.

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Instruct your visitors to ignore your dog and turn away when he jumps on them.

If this doesn't work, fill a spray bottle with water and spray your dog a few times, saying a firm "No!" until he stops. This is what I do with Sprite and it works wonders - plus it isn't damaging to the dog at all. (I'm very against inhumane training methods)

You could also fill a can with coins and shake it when he jumps - anything to startle him. Then you would tell him "No!" and lead him somewhere else.

You may also want to teach him a solid sit/stay.

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First things...if your dog's nails are that sharp, get them cut! It isn't good for the dog either!

One thing you could do is to put your dog somewhere else (behind a gate, in another room) if you know someone is going to be at your house.

Many people also leash their dog when they are expecting visitors, so that way YOU have control of what your dog does, not your dog.

But, rather then just avoid the problems, teach the dog to do an alternative behavior. Teach to the dog to go to his crate, to a special rug, or to another room on his own. It will take constant routine training of individuals coming to door to teach this new behavior. I am assuming that your dog already has some level of obedience training.

If a knock on the door or the doorbell hypes him up, train him to do something else. Teach him to go get a favorite toy when he hears the knock/doorbell. That way he is preoccupied with something else.

It will take time and patience to correct!

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Spraying your dog in the face with water when he jumps may not physically harm him, but it certainly is not what I consider "humane" treatment at all. I would way, way rather teach a nice counterproductive behavior where the dog can be praised for doing right rather than be disiplined with a face full of water. And, eventually, your dog will figure out whether you have the spray bottle or not.
At my house we have a large dog bed and my guys have been taught to park it on the bed when the door bell rings. Works every time and is certainly more humane. It was very simple to teach as well... first teach the dog to go to his bed, and reward with plenty of treats. Then, proof it by having a friend or neighbor ring the door bell and you instruct the dog to go to his bed and treat him. After a short time, the dog will learn to go immediately to the bed when the bell rings and you can now invite your guests in. You can have your guests treat the dog on it's bed as well.

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Having a canine that jumps on everyone can be not only annoying but also dangerous. If he or she is a large breed, they could knock down a child or elderly person and cause injuries. Here is how to stop dog from jumping because it is just bad manners.

We have to understand that dogs jump and leap because they are happy and excited. They run up to us for affection and in greeting. This behavior is actually caused by the way we interact them. We are very inconsistent. Sometimes jumping is tolerated and sometimes we hate it, giving the dog a reprimand. This does nothing but confuse the animal, which is just happy to see you.

Jumping up on people actually starts when a canine is just a puppy. We kneel down to pet and give affection to them and let them jump up on our knees. They are allowed to put their paws on us when they are wanting attention or are excited to be fed. We usually give them attention face to face. When they are older and bigger, suddenly it is not so cute anymore.

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